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Any company “lives” on information: information is created, modified, shared, used. Information is the intellectual capital of the organization. Its value is expressed when it is traceable and usable for future activities and projects. The “knowledge management” refers to the set of methods and processes that allow to manage and govern information, from creation to dissemination, from storage to sharing. Knowledge plays a central role for companies, an intangible source of value capable of creating a competitive advantage. The goal of our KM platform is to build widespread knowledge: to make information accessible to all employees in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency at work, while meeting the needs of continuous training and retraining. All this thanks to the adoption of “web-based” solutions, called e-Learning.

Intech Microwaves (in short IMW) is located in the industrial area of Tiburtina, named Tecnopolo Tiburtino, near the major companies operating in the Aerospace and Defence sector. The Company is Founded and Directed by professionals working in the field of Telecommunications, Defense and Space.

The Skills are extended to industrial applications such as Microwaves, Microelectronics, and Automatic Test Equipment. The Firm Facilities are implemented in clean area.
The Company ensures the entire life cycle of the product, from the design to the production, installation and maintenance service.

IMW is able to develop Own products and Custom ones and to produce “build to print“ item. The Team experience provides a service able to solve components and equipment obsolescence in use on the field.
Specialist and Systemistic know-how allows to create “partnerships “with the major customers operating in the field.

The company delivers the MDP according to the client standard.