Control Board X Band

Model Number: A 1 0 0 6 8 4

• Based on Intel Cyclone IIIEP3C5E144A8N
• Flash storage for different configuration images of FPGA
• 128K SPI Bus Serial EEPROM
• JTAG header for external USB BLASTER
• Power Supply +5V
• LDO’s on board to 1.2V, 2.5V, 3.3V

IMW Model HPA10-500 is a 0.5 Kw peak output power, solid state amplifier designed as a replacement for traveling wave tube modules over the 8.5 to 9.5 GHz frequency range. Operating by a +50VDC isolated supply, the Model HPA10-500 has 50 dB minimum gain with performance up to 100 μsec pulse widths at 20% duty cycle. Amplitude droop across a pulse of this duration is less than 1 dB. Phase distortion is minimized by gating the discrete power supply OFF during pulsed RF operation. Additional advantages of the GaN power module over a traveling wave tube counterpart include increased MTBF, soft fail vs. catastrophic fail, and lower long term replacement/repair cost. An integrated controller provides customer interface and fault monitoring options.