Design and Production of:

Microwave components

Complete sub-system

Custom solutions

Design and development of ATE – Automatic Test Equipment – for:

Custom Solution:
Complete Hardware / Software design and realization

Test Software Development:
On Customer specification



  • RF/Microwave design
  • Analog/digital design
  • Realization of integrated units including RF and control sections
  • Module prototyping and medium scale production
  • Module and unit production
  • Mechanical and technological design
  • ATE design
  • Obsolescence solving
  • Module/Unit repair service for Customer products


Facilities / Technologies

  • 300 m² Clean Room on a total of 600 m² area
  • Equipments for microelectronic assemblies
  • Environmental facilities for temperature screening
  • Test equipment up to 50 GHz
  • Microwave design and simulation tools
  • Chip and wire technology

Augmented Communication:

Is new model of communication and process based on the New Technologies of Information and Communication (NICT): Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Human Computer Interaction, Visual communication, Artificial Intelligence. NICT are the evolution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
Our Solutions to transform your enterprise into “Enterprise 4.0” are not limited to the adoption of advanced technology but involve all the aspects necessary for the company to create, acquire and provide value.


Training and knowledge

  • Technical Instruction Manuals for technicians as well as Instruction Manuals for the use of products or services intended for end users, realized in AR and with the use of advanced digital technologies, increase the level of knowledge, improve learning, they make it simpler and more immediate and encourage immediate interaction between users and support centers. The training times of new staff are reduced, as well as the accuracy is increased, reducing the possibility of error. Thanks to wearable devices and to the sensors they are equipped with, these applications are particularly indicated in learning and training contexts where the operators who work need to have their hands free and to be able to interact with the operative activity.

Cultural Heritage

  • We are involved in various projects concerning Mixed Reality and Gamification for Cultural Heritage. We have a different 3D digital pipeline from museums and artifacts to digital, mixed reality simulations in multiple disciplines, a new, different model for creating, authoring, gamifying, and distributing knowledge (the story) in cultural heritage.

Healthcare and Medical Education

  • Augmented Reality, today, provides augmented information for the physician and the surgeon during interventional procedures such as Computerized Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) visualization paths. Augmented Reality is of great value in the educational world for both students and teachers. The main applications in medical education include representation of mechanisms in space and time dimensions in physiology, or 4D; and 3D visualizations of difficult structures in anatomy. Moreover, AR rehabilitation is an interesting and useful adjunct to traditional therapy by leveraging benefits of both real and virtual world training such as providing immersive experience for users, objective quantification of the training process, and motivating way of using massed practice.

Retail – Commerce

  • Countless applications are possible also in this context, which can be used at points of sale or department stores or other commercial realities. From different ways of conceiving and displaying product catalogs, to product AR settings, to simulated product customization based on customer choices.

Remote AR assistance

  • Imagine if everyone in your organization could, at any moment, access the expert guidance they need to perform any task with ease. Augmented reality enables you to fix issues beyond the screen – no matter how far away you are. With augmented reality, you will be able to see through your connection partner’s device (smartphone/tablet/smartglasses) camera. Start with work instructions and scale to a remote expert consultation in the same session—both in an AR rich environment. Alternatively, an expert can add AR work instructions or training content to a support call whenever it’s needed.

Manufacturing industry

  • Software solutions in Augmented Reality and use of specific hardware support production and communication processes.

Marketing and Advertising

  • AR markers printed on product packaging and associated with appropriate APPs provide detailed information on the product, its composition, the origin of the components, the manufacturer and other useful information.


  • The gaming industry was one of the first to use AR and digital technologies. The diffusion of these tools widens the range and the field of application in this sector, transporting the methodologies, albeit with modifications, in the Industry of Entertainment and Culture.