The company is able to develop Own products and Custom ones and to produce “build to print“ Items. The experience of the team provides a service able to solve components obsolescence and equipment in use on the field.

Specialist and Systemistic know-how allows to create “partnerships “ with the major customers operating in the field.



• RF/Microwave design
• Analog/digital design
• Mechanical and technological design
• ATE design
• Module prototyping and medium size production
• Realization of integrated units including RF and control sections
• Module and unit production
• Obsolescence solving
• Module/Unit repair service for Customer products



The Skills are extended to industrial applications such as Microwaves, Microelectronics, and Automatic Test Equipment.

The Company ensures the entire life cycle of the product, from the design to the production, installation and maintenance service.



The company is located in the industrial area of Tiburtina, near the major companies operating in the Aerospace and Defence sector. Intech Microwaves is Founded and Directed by professionals working for decades in the field of Telecommunications, Defense and Space.



Intech Microwaves S.r.l.

Via Giacomo Peroni 400
00131 Roma

Ph.: +39. 0645683104

Vincenzo Alleva
tel. +39 3396478069

Franco Marchetti
Quality & Security
tel. +39 3392088471


Intech Microwaves S.r.l. at the European Microwave Week (EuMW 2018) at IFEMA FERIA DE MADRID, SPAIN


THE ROUND has developed AR apps for “UHP spin off” (you can see, for example, James Clerk Maxwell recites a short poem) and a location based AR app for visitors and congress participants in Rome for European Microwave Conference 2014 EuMW 2014. Augmented reality apps are available to both smartphones and smart glasses (Epson Moverio BT-200) thanks to Metaio technology.


The UHP spin-off is based on the skills and knowledge (know-how) of the University Staff in Electromagnetics and High Frequency Power Amplification to generate intellectual products and develop products for both domestic and international with its own technology of Microelectronics and precision Mechanics and provides services with case studies of prototypes and industrial products related to both active and passive components. EuMW 2014 will be held in the extraordinary and beautiful ‘Eternal City’ of Rome. Bringing industry, academia and commerce together, European Microwave Week 2014 is a SIX day event, including THREE cutting edge conferences and ONE exciting trade and technology exhibition featuring leading players from across the globe.
Introducing “Guide to Rome: EuMW 2014” , a Location Based Augmented Reality application by THE ROUND for visitors and congress participants in Rome for European Microwave Conference 2014 (Fiera di Roma, Rome, Italy: 5-10 October 2014). This AR app gets information about “Restaurants” (a selection of restaurants for casual and smart dining), “Eat & Walk” (enjoy food and explore Rome’s best attractions), “Monuments” (find out unmissable places), “Museums” (discover some of the world’s best museums), “Things to do” (enjoy Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Music and things to do in the capital), Social Events (planned events for EuMW 2014).


Augmented reality enables users to experience a three-dimensional environment generated using computer graphics, and perhaps other sensory modalities, to provide an environment for enhanced interaction between a human user and a computer-created world. Augmented Reality allows the real-time fusion of computer-generated digital content with the real world.